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Learners often complain of the difficulties they have in understanding native speakers of English. One reason for this is the failure by native speakers to make themselves easily understood. And one way of coping with this is to learn strategies for taking control of the situation to encourage native speakers to express themselves more intelligibly. Another way of tackling the problem is to learn some of the idiomatic language native speakers often use.

The idioms in this selection are all in current use - most on both sides of the Atlantic - and should be of some help to learners who have native speaker colleagues or business partners.

Each set of five mini quizzes is followed by a review quiz to help learners consolidate the idiomatic expressions.

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Idiom 1

Idiom 2

Idiom 3

Idiom 4

Idiom 5

Review quiz: Idioms 1 - 5

Idiom 6

Idiom 7

Idiom 8

Idiom 9

Idiom 10

Review quiz: Idioms 6 - 10

Idiom 11

Idiom 12

Idiom 13

Idiom 14

Idiom 15

Review quiz: Idioms 11 - 15

Idiom 16

Idiom 17

Idiom 18

Idiom 19

Idiom 20

Review quiz: Idioms 16 - 20

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