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Flipboard for curating web resourcesFlipboard is a content curation tool for collecting and sharing web content and resources – videos, articles, images – in the form of attractively packaged magazines that work well both in conventional browsers and on mobile devices.

With a Flipboard account, you can set up magazines for yourself, colleagues or a class and then “flip” into the magazines all the articles, videos, resources, etc. on your chosen topics that you'd people to access. If you make the magazines publicly accessible, anyone can subscribe to them and have all the content displayed on their chosen devices - smartphones, tablets or laptops.

Creating and sharing is super easy!

Creating a multi-media magazine with curated content from a wide range of sources is very easy and very quick! Some of the plusses include:

  • Content can be added in a variety of ways, either from within the app itself or from external sources using a bookmarklet in a mobile or conventional web browser
  • The content is always current and looks great on a tablet or smartphone
  • And sharing your curated content is super easy!

Here below is a 'magazine' I've been curating for a while and have shared it with undergraduate students I've been working with over the last year or two (click on the image):

If you have an interest in business related topics and professional development, then the kind of content added here may be of interest to you. Alternatively, create your own magazine!

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