Scooped resources

These days there are many tools for collating and presenting the myriad of resources that the Internet offers. Here are some resources for teachers put together using using one of these aggregators,

Technology for Business English

Business English Video

Apps for Business English

If you have your own ‘Scoops’, you might like to share them here.

Online activities

Not having a learning management system (LMS) with it’s own built-in range of authoring tools doesn’t mean you can’t produce online activities for your learners.  There are a number of easy-to-use tools that you can use to create activities learners can access on their laptops or mobile devices.

One tool I use quite a lot both for self-study or sometimes also in the classroom is There’s quite a wide range of activity types available on this site. Some work equally well on mobile devices as they do online in a conventional browser. It’s worth exploring and experimenting. Here are some examples of activities I’ve created to supplement classroom work or to recycle exercises from published ELT materials:

Carl Dowse on LearningApps

On the above page, you’ll find a range a business English vocabulary activities suitable for different levels. You can explore the rest of the site for other ready-made resources or start producing your own tailor-made activities. Either way, these activities can be linked to, or embedded in your class blog, wiki or website. Alternatively, if you do have an LMS such as Moodle, you can download the SCORM package and add it to the activities you offer there.

Here’s a a selection of other tools that I’ve used to produce online activities. Each link is to an example activity:

These all work reasonably well on mobile devices and so can be used to provide the kind of the on the go practice learners find attractive these days.

And here are one or two other suggestions that are well worth experimenting with:


Flashcards are popular with learners, and if you can persuade learners to produce and share their own the benefits can be significant. One of the most popular tools and one that in recent times has developed a great deal so that now it can be used on a variety of platforms – ordinary browsers as well as mobile devices – is Quizlet.

If you haven’t used this tool before, or if you’d like to use ‘sets’ that have been produced for and in collaboration with my learners here in Germany, the link below takes you to a collection of vocabulary sets that cover a range of business English topics:

Business English Vocabulary on Quizlet

As with the quiz activities above, these ‘sets’ are examples of cards created to supplement classroom work or to recycle exercises from published ELT materials.

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