Let’s meet, or maybe not – Things that can go wrong in a conference call

The activity uses one of Tripp and Tyler's fun videos to focus on the many issues that can disrupt a conference call. Once these issues have been successfully managed there are the language pitfalls to negotiate, not least of which being the inability of many native speakers of English to communicate effectively when English is being used as the Lingua Franca.


  1. Read the list of 11 conference call problems below.
  2. Watch the video  and put each problem in the order it is shown in the video.
  3. You can watch the video more than once and pause it to give yourself time to think.
  4. You can check your answers below

Forgotten and confused access codes

Accidentally muted microphones

Poor sound quality

Unnoticed members appearing at the end

Awkwardness waiting for others to join

People leaving early

People speak over each other

Incompatible technology

Latecomers interrupting the meeting

Technical problems

Annoying background noise

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