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A selection of popular ELT blogs created either by teachers or for teachers.

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Any suggestions for additions to the list are very welcome. Drop me a line in the comments below and I'll be happy to update the page.


An A - Z of ELT

This blog, explains Scott Thornbury, acts as a companion to his dictionary-encyclopedia of English language teaching called An A-Z of ELT published by Macmillan in 2006.


Adaptive Learning in ELT

Teacher trainer, lecturer and materials writer Philip Kerr addresses some of the issues raised in his guide to adaptive learning in ELT.


The Business English Experience

Gabrielle Jones shares experiences, ideas and lessons for business English.


Chestnut ESL/EFL

Anna Costikoglou blog/website is “designed for English teachers and students in Greek public schools and for those who are interested in video-based lessons.”



A teacher blog with a special focus on learner autonomy and educational technology.


ELT Research Bites

Offered with the aim of presenting language and education research in a digestible format, the blog aims to help teachers benefit from academic research without taking too much of their time away from the classroom.



Teacher trainer and materials writer Rachel Roberts shares tips and ideas for making materials.



A blog for ELT news, reviews and opinions on EdTech, gaming, mobile and online learning, publishing and learning.



From a teacher with over ten years EFL teaching experience in South Korea, Romania and the UK, who is currently the Young Learner Co-ordinator at LTC Eastbourne.


English Teaching professional

In this blog sponsored by the ETp magazine, intercultural skills trainer and materials developer, Chia Suan Chong regularly shares her take on ELT related issues.


ELT Stories

In her blog, Olya Sergeeva writes about her experiments as a teacher and shares ideas that she's tried in the classroom.



Extreme Language Teaching is an independent publishing venture set up by the authors Robert Campbell and Lindsay Clandfield and bills itself as “the home of adventure, sci-fi and horror materials for English Language Teachers!”


Film English

This blog from university teacher, teacher trainer and materials writer, Kieran Donaghy has won a British Council ELTons Award for Innovation in Teacher Resources and offers a wide range of film-based lesson activities.


Jeremy Harmer

A blog about presenting, conferences, and the world of training and teaching.


Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day

Weekly updates with resources on classroom instruction.



Leo Selivan's blog has a wealth of ELT resources that focus on lexical activities and is used as a platform for reflections on language teaching in general.


Lisa Nielsen: The Innovative Educator

A blog that shares ideas to help make school more interesting.


English Language Teaching Global Blog

This Oxford University Press blog offers teachers, trainers, lecturers and authors resources for the classroom, hints and tips for teaching.


Nik's Learning Technology Blog

A blog about learning technologies and how to exploit them.


Richmond Share

From the publishers Richmond, this blog has guest posts from teachers and authors on a wide range of ELT topics and also includes lesson activities.


Teacher Reboot Camp

A blog informed by this mission statement “Let’s collaborate on strategies for engaging all our students through effective instructional methods and technology.”


TEFL Matters

A multi-faceted blog from Athens-based teacher, teacher trainer and materials writer Marisa Constantinides.



In addition to hundreds of articles on ELTA, Alex Case’s blog offers a wealth of teaching materials on all kinds of topics.


Tim's Free English Lesson Plans

As the title suggests, Barcelona-based language teacher and teacher trainer Tim Warre shares a wide range of lesson plans and teaching ideas on this regularly updated blog.

2 comments on “ELT Blogs
  1. Suzanne Osterburg says:


    Hi Carl. Thank you for these contributions which I shall zealously squirrel away for future study and reference!
    I’d like to suggest Olya Sergeeva’s blog for the list. She gives her tips and responses to important questions that are always making the rounds in ELT circles. And she also chronicles her experiences with DELTA Modules 1 & 2, which is how I stumbled upon it. She’s also got a lot of cool ideas for video. What do you think?

  2. admin says:

    Hi Suzanne
    Great to hear from you and thanks for the blog tip, which as you can see I’ve added to the list.
    Hope everything is going well for you.

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