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The The CertIBET (Certificate in International Business English Training) is a Consultants_E course which aims to meet the needs of business English trainers to enhance their skills and expertise, to increase their employability prospects in the sector, and improve their ability to deliver a quality product to potential clients.

Course objectives

The aim of the course is to help business language trainers:

  • to build the confidence, knowledge and understanding of teachers seeking to further their career in business English training
  • to understand, identify and respond effectively to the communication and language needs of learners and organisations
  • to develop and deliver programmes that produce effective and measurable outcomes in addressing the communication and language needs of learners and organisations
  • to select, employ and evaluate a range of methods, approaches, materials, resources and techniques appropriate to varied business English contexts
  • to deepen understanding of the changing nature of international communication and enhance their opportunity to participate effectively in the global workplace
  • to develop familiarity with the concepts, skills, lexis and discourse of business and professional English.

Course workload

The online CertIBET consists of 10 modules, delivered entirely online over 10 weeks, with a total of approximately 70 hours work for participants (excluding the post-course assignment). Each module takes a minimum of 7 hours to complete. There is a one week break timetabled between Modules 5 and 6.

Information about the next iteration

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